This is the homepage of randomNumber, the solo project of me,
Mr Matthew Robson, all of the sites construction, design, maintenance and coding is by D.A.N. (Design Art Nonsense).

randomNumber was started sometime around March of 1999, or it may have been 2000, I can't quite remember, it is, basically a means within which, as a non musician, I can realise musical ideas which knock around in my brainbox and transfer them into the digital realm. The modus-operandi is simple:- to provide machine made music for human beings.


24.12.07 >>>

***D_rradio remix by randomNumber out soon on Static Caravan***

Limited (100 copies only) lathe-cut 7" single coming out on Static Caravan some time soon. Featuring a tune called 'Blow Out' from the new D_rradio album, remixed, with words and vocals from Ylid. On the flip will be a remix by randomNumber of another of the new album tunes, 'A Life Alive'. The artwork for this single is super-limited...each copy will include a different, unique and numbered art print.

28.11.07 >>>

New album out in December...

"Modern Ambivalence" is due for release on Moamoo Records of Tokyo Japan on the 12th of December. The album should be available at all good independent record stores or via the usual online stalls...


If you want to get your pre-order all dialled in, then these URL's should serve you well...


Live show...

UK folks can see what is likely to be the last show of 2007 on Saturday 1st December at the Brudenell Social Club, Leeds. Tracks from the forthcoming album will be aired.


Look out for remixes of Epic 45, Carta and D_Rradio to appear in the new year.

28.10.07 >>>

The new album “Modern Ambivalence” is due for release on Moamoo Records in early December, we are currently taking bookings for shows around that time, so if you would like to book randomNumber in your town, please contact Katie at S.O.I. Industries at the following address:


The album should be available in all good record stores and probably in some kind of shitty MP3 format for all you lovers of compressed format audio out there. The CD features super-lush design and 8 page booklet from Dan Booth at Design Art Nonsense, so go figure…

There are a few more shows in the meantime coming up in the North of England. Check out the live page for more details.

09.07.07 >>>

The new randomNumber album is now to be called "Modern Ambivalence" and will be available on Moamoo Records from October in all good independent record stores or, if leaving the house is too traumatising, our good friends at Norman Records will have it available over t'internet for mail order.

Check out the live page for all of the latest live dates. Any promoters wishing to make a booking for the album promo tour in October/November should get in touch now via:


12.04.07 >>>

April and May shows
There are now a series of shows confirmed for April and May, not really a “tour” as such, more a “basket” of shows. There should hopefully be a few more dates added in the next few months, including more shows with Christ., if we can get it all sorted out.

(any promoters interested in booking Christ. and randomNumber in June should contact either Macao at Miso on misoglasgow[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk or Katie at S.O.I. Industries on soi_industries[at]hotmail[dot]com).

30.01.07 >>>

It's been quite some time since an update was posted here,
so apologies for that...

Disco_R.Dance Compilation now available
Folks from The Sarf may well now Dan Conway and Pete Stormcrow from their legendary nights at The Foundary in London. Expanding their operations into a record label sees the first Disco_R.Dance Compilation Volume 1 now available from Warpmart, Norman Records, Smallfish, Rough Trade and Post Everything. Features tracks by randomNumber, Tunng, Rothko, Bovaflux and Carthage to name but a few.

Live Footage
From the archives of Manual Transmission, a few slices of randomNumber live performances can be viewed on YouTube...


Effective Edge Pop Video
Shoeshop Jill have been busy making a video for "Effective Edge" (taken from the "Golden Acre Sleeps" album on Highpoint Lowlife). Check the following URLs...


http://www.myspace.com/shoeshopjill or


Puddles Filled With Pine Needles
I'm about half way through finishing the next randomNumber, album, it will probably be called "Puddles Filled With Pine Needles" and features guest vocals from Katie Lou Moore. It should be in the shops in a gizzillion months from now, or something.

Live at the NPUC Festival in Norwich
Me and Dan(Manual Transmission) will be at the NPUS festival in Norwich on Friday the 10th of August.Nice. Expect to hear plenty of material from "Puddles Filled With Pine Needles".. and ting.

02.09.06 >>>

A smattering of autumn shows for randomNumber in the North,
the Northwest and the South...

On Thursday the 5th of October, Oxford will see a specially extended set with full visual accompaniment from Dan “Manual Transmission” Booth in the convivial setting of the MAO.

Friday 6th October, and a return to Leeds for a long-overdue hometown show at The Common Place. The night draws talent from the more interesting and leftfield end of the house spectrum with Robin Judge as the Canadian contender, heading up syncopated click house for the post-minimal heads and Leeds tech-house and Breezeblock favourite DNCN who eschews the cut n’paste idiocy of the four four masses for highly crafted rhythmic synth engineering.

Providing the counterpoint and upsetting the rhythms with jiggy-tech autumnal sounds, randomNumber will plough further forward with his patented backcountry electronica, showcasing new material as well as a handful of tracks from his most recent album on Highpoint Lowlife.

More 90 degree to the norm beatwhack will be provided by the ever- reliable Nesh, whilst Ralph Replete finds time between making Coldcut look good onstage to grace the evening with tag-mungus visuals.

On the 3rd of November the infamous Interkonnekt festival returns to Bolton: Intense confusion and debauchery, all for the disadvantaged "yout" of Bolton and perhaps the most varied line up of any festival. More artists lined up than is possible to even start listing here, expect a drunk and confused crowd trying to slam-dance to the RN sound. Special post-festival counselling sessions to be arranged.

17.08.06 >>>

Cheers Lads…
Thanks to everyone who attended the summer shows and TruckFest... The only show coming up at the moment is in my adopted second home of Oxford. It will be an early evening show for Oxford Contemporary Music (OCM).

Thursday 5th October, OCM @ MAO
with full visual accompaniment from Manual Transmission
5.45pm - £3 / £2 concs


Robots and Electronic Brains
The 10th Anniversary Issue of Robots and Electronic Brains is now out with a massive bonus comp CD featuring an exclusive randomNumber track.

Also features two other exclusive Highpoint Lowlife tracks from Fisk Industries, and Bovaflux along with tracks from 4 other UK based labels - Strange Lights, RoKit Records, 3-Pin Recordings and Wrath.


Analog for Architecture
A downloadable only compilation, this features yet another exclusive randomNumber track for your delight and delectation. A limited edition DVD version will later be available with exclusive videos and visual goodies.

It's the Future You Know...
Because it's now the 21st Century, this means we are actually now living in the future, in celebration of this Highpoint Lowlife have their whole back catalogue available for high-quality download. So, if you are afraid of all things tangible and tactile, the most recent randomNumber album, "Golden Acre Sleeps" can now be bought and down-blobbed via the interweb at the following...


10.07.06 >>>

randomNumber live at Truck!
randomNumber will be headlining the Market Stage on Saturday night at TruckFest as part of the Vacuous Pop Laptop Party Mashup type thing. Vacuous Pop will hijack the acoustic tent at approximately 8.00 PM and serve up a good three hours of electronic music before the indie-disco piss-up takes over at 11PM. Visuals by Dan “Manual Transmission” Booth.

Summer shows
Thanks to everybody who came along to the Oxford, London, Cardiff and Leicester shows, your support is totally appreciated. There are still shows up and coming in Bristol and an OCM afternoon event planned for Oxford in October.

Vagrant Toothbrush and Sleeping Bag
Of course I lost my sleeping bag and electric toothbrush on tour, if you know their whereabouts……